Utimi Men’s Hands Free Masturbator

Utimi Hand Free Male Masturbation Cup Masturbator Masturber for Vaginal Sex with 10-Speed, Best Real Dolls

Manufacturer: UTIMI
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Sleek, stylish and ultra-incognito, the Utimi Male Masturbation Cup is a state of the art creation with 8 different vibrational frequencies and 4 speeds, each more powerful than the last! The cup’s inner fleshy bits are made from high quality, completely safe and fully scent free, silica gel. The varying vibration options allow you to fully customize each and every play session to your satisfaction. And with this toy’s impressive look no one

As with most flesh replicating substances this toy’s inner material should only be used with water based personal lubricants. There’s really no way to go wrong with water based lubes and if you’re ever unsure which lube is best or safe for your toy, just grab water based and you’ll have no trouble. Water based lubes work with any sex toy material on the market.

It is very important to note that the inner portion can be removed for cleaning, thus protecting the internal mechanical elements from water damage. But always ensure that the inner portion is fully dried both in inside and outside before returning the toy to its casing. Please store this toy away from heat or sunlight.

The Utimi Male Masturbation Cup is privately shipped and discreetly packaged for your personal protection.

Material: ABS & TPE
Size: 12.6''(L)*3''(W)
Weight: 27.1oz
Color: white & blue
Package list: 1*masturbation cup; 1*USB charging cord

1. If the product is not in use for a long time, please charge it once every 3 months at least.
2. When the product runs out of power, please charge it immediately. Unplug the charging cable when fully charged to avoid overcharge.
3. The product can not start in the charging period, unplug the cable before use.
4. Keep the product away from heat and dirt, and can not be long-term pressed to functional damage.
5. The electronic component is not waterproof. Do not immerse it in water.
6. Do not wash the cup or let any liquid into the cup to avoid electrical short circuit.
7. If necessary, remove the inner component. Keep it clean before and after use, simply clean the TPE with soap and rinse off with running water.

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