LoveBots Axis Multi-Angle Sex Machine

LoveBots Axis Multi-Angle Sex Machine, Best Real Dolls

Manufacturer: LoveBots
Recommended Retail: $799.00
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The LoveBots Axis Multi-Angle Sex Machine is a simple, but extremely well made sex machine that will fuck you until you are blue in the face. The thrusting rod has a adjustment rand of 45 degrees so when you're getting fucked you can do it from all kinds of different positions.

It comes with a realistic dildo (of course), a vibrating remote which is perfect to hold against your clitoris as the machines thrusts in and out of you. It also has a smaller tapered anal dildo for both men and women. Be sure to use LOTS and LOTS of lube when you use this sex machine.

We always recommend a good water-based sex lubricant because they are safe, don't irritate people, and won't deteriorate the your sex toys. All major lube manufacturers make water based lubes. You often has to use more than if you were to use a gel based or silica based lube, but it's totally worth it.

The LoveBots Axis Multi-Angle Sex Machine will thrust at 180 thrusts per minute. We recommend starting a little slower and working your way up to that point. The bottom has gripping support pads which hold it securely in place on hard flat surfaces.

This sex machine is NOT made for the best or shower!

All in all this is a very good sex machine from LoveBots, and they make some of the best sex machines on the market. If your looking for a solid machine - this is a good one.

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