Lovebotz Versa Sex Machine

This sexy machine has the ability to be tilted horizontally or vertically so you can be taken from multiple angles! This thrusting powerhouse comes with a silicone dildo remote that allows the user to adjust the speed of penetration and can also stimulate simultaneously. High powered multiple speed strokes are driven by a strong motor with a mighty 300 strokes per minute. Comes with an extension rod that adds an additional 8 inches of reach. Grip-tight support pads hold the machine securely in place, and the easy-twist knobs allow to you quickly adjust the angles. Comes with two captivating attachments that lock securely in place; a realistic dildo and a tapered anal penetrator. Power supply input: 100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60Hz, 1.5 Amps; Output: 15 volts, 4 Amps. Horsepower and torque: 0.5 HP, 40 in-lbs, 300RPM. Comes with a 9-foot US power cord. Measurements: Machine: 17.5 inches in length at base, 25 inches total in length including arm, 12.75 inches wide, 19 inches in height; Penis dildo: 7 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter; Anal dildo: 6.25 inches in length, 1.5 inches wide; Vibrating remote: 7.5 inches in total length, 4.5 inches insertable, 1.35 inches in diameter; Stroke length with 7 inch penis: Inner stroke is 3 inches, outer stroke is 10 inches; With extension arm: Inner stroke is 3 inches, outer stroke is 18 inches.

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Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker

We are excited to introduce our new Milker Automatic Sex Machine! Designed to do all the hard work for you, this love machine is specifically designed for automatic stroking and sucking, with two cylinders for a variety of sensations. This multi-speed machine houses everything you need discreetly in the top. Just plug the hose into the cylinder and use the dial to control how fast or slow you want it. Two cylinders are included. The first is specially designed to suck your shaft, at nearly 9 inches long and lined with supple rubber for a tight seal. The smaller cylinder is for more targeted pleasure, such as your cock head or even the clitoris or nipples. Use it alone or with a partner, for foreplay, solo play or anything you can dream up. Designed to bring you the ultimate in orgasmic stimulation. All accessories store easily in the top compartment, which has a lock and 2 keys for the ultimate in portable discretion.

Measurements: 11 inches in length, 8.25 inches in width, 11.75 in height. Materials ABS plastic, silicone, natural rubber, metal. Color Black. Note includes machine, 2 hoses, 3 hose plugs, 2 cylinders, remote, AC/DC transformer, US power cable, and instructions. And a bottle of 1.7 oz iLube Personal Silicone Lubricant

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Classic Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

The Magic Wand has been trusted for over 30 years to provide powerful, penetrating vibrations. In a matter of months, women can enjoy soothing, stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime. Liberated from the cord. The Magic Wand Rechargeable boasts several exciting features: four power intensities, four vibration patterns and a silicone head. And if by chance you forget to charge it, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is plug-and-play, so that it can be used while plugged in.

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Utimi Men’s Hands Free Masturbator

As for the physical needs, masturbation can be the most wonderful thing you can ever do with yourself. Our Rechargeable Vaginal Masturbation Cup can relieve you and bring you the most pleasing sexual experience with 10 modes of high-speed thrust anytime and anywhere. The super stretchy entry and the dimensions of the male masturbator are fit enough to accept all dicks. (Recommended to use with lashings of lubricant for better experience.)
For more usage details, please look through the detailed product page. If there are any questions, please contact our customer service, we are quite happy to find you a solution.

Material: ABS & TPE
Size: 12.6''(L)*3''(W)
Weight: 27.1oz
Color: white & blue
Package list: 1*masturbation cup; 1*USB charging cord

1. If the product is not in use for a long time, please charge it once every 3 months at least.
2. When the product runs out of power, please charge it immediately. Unplug the charging cable when fully charged to avoid overcharge.
3. The product can not start in the charging period, unplug the cable before use.
4. Keep the product away from heat and dirt, and can not be long-term pressed to functional damage.
5. The electronic component is not waterproof. Do not immerse it in water.
6. Do not wash the cup or let any liquid into the cup to avoid electrical short circuit.
7. If necessary, remove the inner component. Keep it clean before and after use, simply clean the TPE with soap and rinse off with running water.

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Lush Lovesense Bluetooth Cam Vibrator

LUSH is a remote control bullet vibrator- finally done right.
Most non-tech bullet vibrators have weak vibrators, cheap remotes and break after just a few uses. High tech bluetooth vibrators typically have bluetooth connection issues. They are made by companies that don't understand the underlying technology and outsource key parts of the product like app development. LOVENSE specializes in sex tech. The LOVENSE team actually created the first two-way long distance sex toys back in 2013.
Since we released our first products, we've been working on expanding our product line. We've tested all remote control bullet vibrators on the market and were extremely disappointed. So, we decided a high quality remote control bullet would be our next product. We spent over a year prototyping, testing and optimizing LUSH before launch. The antenna technology being used in LUSH is unlike any of our competitors. The vibrator we use is powerful, but nearly silent when inserted. Our full time software development team is constantly updating the apps and adding new features based on customer feedback.
Software Features: • Close Range Control (up to 30ft of direct range, around 5-10 feet of 360 degree range) • Long Distance Control (can be controlled at ANY distance using two smartphones and connecting in the app) • Unlimited Vibration Patterns (create and share your own or download from the cloud) • Sync to Music - experience your favorite songs in a whole new way! • Sound Activated Vibrations • Sync Together (if two people have a toy, one person can control and both toys will respond) • Apple Watch Control (the first and only vibrator controllable with your Apple Watch)
Other Specifications: • USB Rechargeable • 1.5 - 2 hours of continuous use • Waterproof • Made of 100% high quality silicone • Handsfree • 1 Year Warranty

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LoveBots Axis Multi-Angle Sex Machine

This impressive sex machine has the ability to adjust over a range of 45 degrees, so you or your partner can be taken from multiple angles. This thrusting powerhouse comes with a flexible realistic dildo, vibrating one touch remote, and a tapered silicone probe for anal or vaginal penetration. High powered, multiple speed strokes are driven by a strong motor with speeds up to 180 thrusts per minute. Grip tight support pads at the base hold the machine securely in place, and the adjustable mechanism allows you to quickly change the angle. Comes with two highly stimulating attachments that lock securely into place.

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Motorbunny Beginner Sybian Kit

Motorbunny is a straddle-style personal pleasure machine, with a classic tried and true ride on top design. You plug it in, choose an attachment, and hop on! Compare to Sybian ® If you purchase Motorbunny directly from us, and are not completely satisfied, contact our support staff, package up your Motorbunny and accessories, and ship it back to us. We will refund your money, minus a $199 return fee.

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Women’s Deluxe Sybian

Take your sexual satisfaction to new heights with the one and only Sybian®! For more than 25 years, Sybian has been the pinnacle of self-gratification for women. This precision device offers you the ultimate sexual experience time and time again. Its groundbreaking design redefines stimulation through the use of two fully independent vibration and rotation movements. Eleven exclusive attachments offer un-paralleled clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. Sybian is the most sophisticated sexual aid available. With completely controllable stimulation, from gentle to intense, it is possible to unlock your orgasmic potential. Multiple orgasms experienced with Sybian translate into increased responsiveness with your partner. Your Sybian is shipped directly from the manufacturer and includes: matching stool, 4 attachments (Smooth Flat Top, Small, Medium, and Large RealLike), 2 red risers with 2 red stems, white stems and springs, a power cord (USA and Canada Only), 4.4 oz ID Glide® Lubricant, and instruction manual. Our high quality internal components should never need replaced. Each Sybian is hand built in the USA and tested extensively before being shipped. Sybian is backed by a 5-year warranty on mechanical working parts and electronic components. A life time warranty is also available for purchase. Sybian may be used anywhere in the world as it can auto convert between 110V, 120V, 220V, and 240V. The machine is also CE Certified. Sybian weighs approximately 22 lbs and is 10" high, 13.25" wide and 12.5" long. Sybian is designed to support up to 500 lbs and a high quality Naugahyde cover allows the housing to be washed and hold up to any normal cleaning agents. All Sybian attachments are constructed out of C-Flex® TPE's and can be thoroughly washed after each use. C-Flex® does not contain latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, or polyurethane.

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Hismith Deluxe Thrusting Sex Machine

Hismith focus on sex machine series,we produce the machine and matched accessories.This Hismith Sex Machine is updated recently, based on the concept of concise, creative, mutifunction,super slient.we choose the best long life and mute motor as the core of the machine,ensure the power of our product,30 N-cm driving force,never stop when encounter resistance.Our power supply can support wide voltage,110-250V,power switch with functioning LED. we supply a speed governor.As your wish,the thrust depth can be changed through change the postion of the torsion bar.Besides,you can change the masburation postion,by change the postion of support connector.The body of the machine are aluminium alloy Material,with high density anodizing technology.Every component is produced by Precision high-precision CNC,SLA laser series machine,and mirage black painted surfaces,bright in color and durable,surfaces look fresh as a new one after long time use. working life 10-15 years with correct usage and cleansing maintenance.One year quality warranty!

Power Input: 110V-240V 50/60HZ
Output: DC 24V-5A
Motor Power:50W
Nosie:30~50 db
Dildo Adapter type:Hard quick connector
Back and Forth Part Move Distance:6.5cm
Adjusting Angle: About0-90degree
Dildo Size:7 inches, Diameter 1.38inches

1 x Hismith Main Machine
2 x 40cm Chroming Iron Support rods
2 x 25cm Chroming Iron Support rods
2 x Triangle connector
4 x Anti-ski Mad
1 x Power Supply
1 x Speed governor
1 x US Plug line
1 x Standard Dildo (Length 7.1inches, Dia 1.4inches)
1 x 6mm hex wrench
1 x User Manual

1* Ensuring every part connected firmly,it very important for you safety!

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